Hey! My name's Cathy, and I'm the founder of Vana Collective 😊
I currently run Vana from my home in Newcastle, Australia. I really wanted to create a mountain biking clothing brand for women after 10 years of riding and still feeling like a was wearing a costume. I was uncomfortable, awkward, and totally lacked confidence when I turned up at the trail.
For me, I just couldn’t find mountain biking gear that matched my style. I was always looking for fun designs and super comfy cuts that were specifically tailored to women’s bodies… but struggled hard. 
I didn't want to look like a pro-racer, but I also didn't want to compromise on fit and performance. I wanted to feel excited about getting changed into my riding gear.
For a while, it felt like an impossible ask. Of course, the industry has improved a lot in the last few years, but I still felt like women deserved more choice and options in biking apparel. 
But the dream of creating my own line just for women, filled with bold and creative apparel that fits a range of body shapes, never went away. 

So I took a leap and started Vana - which has been one of the hardest and most rewarding projects of my life. 

And truly, that’s what Vana is about. Freeing women up to do what they love (biking!), without feeling awkward and uncomfortable because they don't feel like themselves.
Mountain biking has built confidence in every area of my life. And I hope that Vana - with its celebration of all women in mountain biking - helps you find confidence in yours too.
Thank you for being part of our community!